Why Hire a Doula?

Benefits of Hiring a Doula in Early Pregnancy

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We’re going to look at the benefits to hiring a doula or labor coach and what to expect when you’re looking for one. Many doulas offers something different, so when you interview doulas, make sure to ask them what their services include.

My services include:

*prenatal support

*on-call Q&A

*birth plan guidance and support

*list of respected providers for pregnancy support services

*on-call at 37 weeks plus

*24 hour labor support once you call!

*postpartum support and care

*breastfeeding support

*belly binding services

Your personal Alexa….

Always there to Answer Your Questions!!

Doulas are highly trained professionals who specialize in pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

Let’s say you’re experiencing twinges in your abdomen and you’re not sure what could be causing them. You could ask google and get scared—most likely this is not a situation of pre-term labor or something else just as scary. So…instead of causing undo anxiety during an already anxious time, if you’ve hired me as your doula, then I’m available to answer questions such as these. I’ll offer advice and suggestions to relieve the pain or suggest care providers who might help too! Chiropractors are ALWAYS suggested in pregnancy!!

New to Pregnancy, How can I help?

This is your first pregnancy experience and you’re just not sure what to expect from it all! I’ve been there. It’s so exciting to see those two pink lines and think, “Oh my goodness, I’m growing a baby!!” Then anxiety and nerves start to creep in and there’s so much to think about, sometimes I wondered if I knew which way was up or down. In our first pregnancy, I was so busy working full time, getting everything prepared, planning our finances, and trying not to fall asleep on the couch before 6 pm every evening that the time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to deliver our boy!

But I hadn’t done any birth classes, or really read any books. My mom tried to convince me to do it. I don’t know why I didn’t listen!!!! Looking back on it, maybe the outcome of our first birth would have been different if I had known more about the birth process and the stages of birth. Maybe not, we’ll never know.

Pregnancy #1: Trial of Labor and C-section

Pregnancy #2: Repeat C-section (scared of trying again and of outcome, still did not pursue education)

Pregnancy #3: VBA2C, un-medicated

*With two toddlers at home, I knew the recovery for a 3rd cesarean was going to be rough and I had little physical support this time. I wanted to be present for all three of my kids and not recovering from surgery for months after. I also had to return to work after 6 weeks. So, with those two things pushing me, I finally researched more about birth support. We found a doula who offered childbirth classes and loved every minute of our experience. Our doula supported us the whole way and we achieved our goal of an un-medicated VBA2C!!!

Because of our birth experiences, I am huge advocate for birth education and informed consent! So, as a Doula, (and soon to be childbirth educator) it is my responsibility and my privilege to offer support to new parents, to educate and inform them on:

What birth is? How labor starts? What will you feel? What does a contraction even feel like??

How can your partner help support you during labor? How will a doula help support?

Answering questions about pregnancy, labor and birth, as well as postpartum concerns and questions about baby care.

I will be there for you through it all!

Every birth is different!

As you can see from my experiences and those of your friends, birth is natural and different. Each birth a mom experiences can be different from the last. This is why doulas also help support second and third time mothers as well. It can be especially helpful to talk through your birth experience and figure out what went well or “wrong”, then we can make a plan to help you reach whatever your birth vision is together!