“Serving you while you carry.”

The day you found out your new bundle was coming was probably full of joy, anxiety, a little fear, maybe a little sickness, some might be thinking, “what in the world will I do?” Maybe you’ve been planning this for months or even years and it’s finally happened; maybe it’s a huge surprise and completely unexpected; maybe you’re helping someone else have the baby they’ve long awaited, or will eventually come to the decision to bless another family with your baby through adoption.

Whatever your situation, whatever you decide, I can be there to support, offer advice, counsel you to call your doctor when needed, show you comfort measures, and be a listening ear. Then, during your labor, I will be there for whatever and whenever you or your partner needs!


These are pictures of my family. More will come as my kids are now, 5, 3, and 2! How did they get so so big!?

My husband and I met 7 years ago on I’m so glad that is a thing now! We met at Fuzzy’s Tacos and talked for hours. Afterwards, he went home and told his mom, “I met her, the one I’m going to marry.” We fell in love quickly (some would say too quickly, but this story is ours! We were engaged three weeks later, and married June 30th, 4.5 months after meeting. Looking back, I would counsel others that a solid, foundation built on time is helpful to supporting a marriage, BUT the most important aspect is commitment in the face of hardship, trials, and the JOYs of our lives.

We have three beautiful joys. Our son Dean is 5 and was planned. We tried for ten months, and the month of our one year anniversary found out were PREGNANT! Our middle child, is Vivian. She is 3, almost 4, and was a huge surprise for us. With breastfeeding and the mini-pill as well as a timely round of antibiotics, we found out 8 months after having our son, that we were PREGNANT again. Big Surprise, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. Our Vivian had many issues with sleep, food, a dairy allergy. If you need help or counseling through those things in the postpartum period, I will happily share resources and listen. You’ve got this! Finally, to close our wonderful family, we had our sweet Clara Beth on Christmas Eve day, only 16 months after our second. She too was an even BIGGER surprise. LOL, We’ve now successfully prevented pregnancy for 2.5 years through Natural Family Planning and being very careful. Our family feels complete to us, now my goal is to help other families grow!

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This is the map that shows you where I am servicing clients as of now! Check to see if your home or birthing place is within this map. If you’re unsure, please contact me at

(Please contact if you live outside of the service area, either I will be able to provide service or refer you to a doula closer to you.)